Floriana Gerosa was born in Milan where he received a humanistic education. He graduated later in Graphic Design in Florence at the Accademia Cappiello and has practiced for some time, working as a freelancer with Livorno advertising studies. In 1995 the meeting with the sculptor Anselma Ferrari, in Milan, marks the beginning of his artistic life: with Ferrari experiences and learns to express himself through sculpture, language that will esserle the most congenial. Later, in Carrara, with the sculptor Nicola De Silvestri further refines the technique of making sculpture in his studio also the design of a work for an urban environment. Also begins to attend, in Livorno, the Atelier of the Arts, directed by Maestro Luca Bellandi. With him perfect design and compares in painting: it is the teacher who encourages her and gives her the strength to get involved and present itself to the public. He participated in various group and solo exhibitions of painting and sculpture (Livorno, Certaldo, Venice, Barcelona). In 2003 he founded, along with Simonetta Filippi and Elena Nutini, the art group "Permanent continues", which comes in various outputs in Livorno and Certaldo. Passionate about writing and poetry, attends training courses mainly at the Association of Certaldo Griselda, chaired by Sandra Landi. One of his sculptures is selected by the city of Livorno for manifesto on the occasion of the International Day against violence against women and its framework is used for the poster of March 8. In 2008 he won first prize in the Plastic Arts section in the competition "Art Women" organized by the province of Livorno, with the sculpture "Woman with garland of roses". The following year, one of his paintings is used by the city of Livorno for the poster of March 8, International Women's Day, one of his poems was published in the book "Moon and the other" of Morgana Editions on the tenth anniversary of the Association Griselda and one of his sculptures are exhibited at the Exhibition of Contemporary Art at the Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo. In late 2009 he exhibited his sculptures at the Cultural Association "Arts Evasive" in Livorno in her exhibition titled "E 'Luna." In February 2010 participates in the redevelopment of the historical center of Livorno proposing to place a sculpture in three different squares of the city. In May 2010 he illustrates with her sculptures the stories about animals, from the book by Simonetta Filippi "Sirena Explained" and a sculpture titled The Ego uniform is selected in the national contest "The Spadarina 2010" with the theme "in the drawer of memories ", where he received a special mention from critics. In 2011 he took part in the International Exhibition at the Gallery Wikiarte in Bologna and participate later with his woman naked sculpture at the International Competition "The Spadarina 2011", entitled "The spirit and matter." From June 24 to July 6 exhibition at the showroom "Mani Mani" in Pisa. In October, in the Tower Upezzinghi Calcinaia solo exhibition "It 'moon" with the artist Simonetta Filippi and in November some of his sculptures are on display in the exhibition of contemporary art "Slowly" at Merlino Bottega d'Arte in Florence. In December a sculpture is placed in the Sanctuary of Montenero gardens part of the "Nativity in Art". In January 2012 it is present in Pietrasanta. With three sculptures in the exhibition "Fragile beauties" at the Palazzo Panichi in Bologna and the exhibition "Bologna Expo 2012" at the Art Gallery Wiki. In November an exhibition of sculptures and installations "The Arcanum Room" in Fauglia (PI) with the sculptor Elena Roncoli. In December in Milan at the Galleria N.O.A. It is present at the exhibition "Project Artistar" with two sculptures. In February 2013 in Pietrasanta, exhibition "Fragile Beauties 2", in May in Florence at the cloister of Villa Vogel traveling exhibition "The Arcanum Room" with the sculptor Elena Roncoli and in June in Viareggio group exhibition of sculpture and painting "Sea nostrum "at Villa Paolina. in July at Villa Bondi in Marina di Pisa participates in the international exhibition" Vanity Unfair. "May 2014 contemporary art exhibition at Palazzo Medici in Seravezza and October is present at the third edition of" Fragile Beauties "in Pietrasanta in Palazzo Panichi. January 2015 collective "Iniziarte 2015" in Pietrasanta, in March on the occasion of the International Day of the Woman at the collective Europe Gallery in Lido di Camaiore and collective July "Matter, color and dream" at Villa Argentina in Viareggio. in February 2016 group exhibition "the theater, farce and mask" at Europa Gallery in Lido di Camaiore, in May Show Pro Biennale 2016 in Venice, in June double staff from Red to Blue at the gardens of Versilia, Pietrasanta, in August .